Artist Bio

Christie Marie Elder's Bio

Christie has her own signature way of painting Nature's Reviving Energy. Her favorite subjects for her art are the ying / yang balancing beauty of Nature found in Hawaii and Lake Tahoe. Christie was born and raised in awe inspiring South Lake Tahoe California/ Nevada in the United States of America. While growing up Christie's family would go on trips to the tropical islands of Hawaii.

At age 16 Christie met the professional artist Christian Lassen on Front St. in Maui and from that meeting and inspiration and possibility of being a professional artist, she decided that she definitely wanted to pursue a career in what she loved and have a gallery of her own in Hawaii.

Though she planned to go right into her art career from high school... an opportunity presented itself her junior year of high school she could not refuse. Christie was offered the chance to turn pro and travel the world as a professional snowboarder. Seeing it as a chance for a education in world culture, travel, contractual corporate business experience, media exposure and international art exploration ~ while getting paid Christie jumped at the opportunity! Christie graduated from high school with college credits and from the ages of 16-27 yrs Christie Marie was blessed with an eleven year career as a professional snowboarder. 1989-2000. Eight of the years she traveled all over Europe, Japan, Canada, and the United States and ranked in the top five in the world in Halfpipe. She also competed in disciplines of Big Air, Slope Style, Boarder Cross and Banked Slalom. She got to be a part of a growing industry and getting to compete and podium in the beginning years of the World Tour, World Championships, X-Games, Dew Tour and Vans Triple Crown. Christie's experiences as a traveling professional athlete have immeasurably enriched her life and art, opening her eyes to the eclectic beauty and evolving industries of the world. During that time Christie took a few college art courses and did a handful of commissioned murals and paintings (one commissioned in Japan). In addition she got the pleasure of designing the graphics for two of her own Pro Signature model snowboards. In the summers from June - September Christie would teach snowboarding at a snowboard camp on the glacier of Mt. Hood Oregon. In the spring and fall of those years she would work in tattoo shops getting to create and tattoo her art for her patrons on their skin.

In 2014 Christie Marie Elder was inducted into the Tom Sim's Retro World Legends Hall of Fame for Snowboarding.

At age 27 Christie Marie retired from her snowboard and a year later her tattoo carrier to start a family. She has been blessed with two boys whom she loves being adventurous with while, snowboarding, wake boarding, wake surfing, mountain biking, camping, traveling, doing art, etc.

Christie loves exploring the possibilities that different mediums of art has to offer has lead Christie to learn many mediums. :) Some of her favorites are Oils, Watercolors, Large Murals, Airbrushing candy polyurethane's (car paints) on brushed metal, Silk Painting, Sculpting, Photography. She has collectors of her art world wide including Japan, United Kingdom, Turkey, Canada, and many more. Her art has been published in news papers, Music CD's, snowboards, magazines and on web pages. She has also been featured on radio and television for her incredible talent.

In the past four years she has donated her time to the creation of four large murals. Painting one in South Lake Tahoe,Ca (for the Sierra Recovery Center), and three in Carson City, NV (one for St. Theresa of Avila Church, one for Seeliger Elementary School, and one for a Crossfit Gym/Box).

Getting to live in the Beautiful Sierra Nevada Mountains by Lake Tahoe and getting to travel to some of the most beautiful places in the world has inspired Christie to paint some of the most unique feeling paintings. She is so thankful for her art patrons to be able to share her love of Nature's Inspirations and Reviving Energy and helping her dreams of being a professional artist!

Christie is currently working on her dream of moving to Hawaii and opening her first gallery. :)